San Borja Succulents Image Gallery

Mark Dimmitt, principal photographer. Click on each photo to enlarge.

Aerial photo of a large arroyo cutting through the Sierra San Borja.

The richness of succulents creates a beautiful landscape. See large image for plant list.

A grove of boojums.

Pumice beds support some different species than the surrounding rock substrates. The loose, light gravel holds water well and plants often become very large despite the poor anchorage.

A large Pachycereus pringlei and Yucca valida in a pumice bed.

Agave shawii is a massive plant that produces an impressive inflorescence (next image). The Ferocactus gracilis in the background is over 8 feet tall.

Ferocactus gracilis (top) and the broad-spined var. coloratus.



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