Membership Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Yes, at the front patio admission windows, or by phone or online.

Memberships are active for one year from the month of purchase. (Example: if you purchase your membership on August 5, 2019 it will expire on August 31, 2020.)

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Each category of membership receives the following number of membership cards:

CategoryNumber of cardsNames/information listed on membership cards
1 membership card Must be in the first and last name of the Primary Member
2 membership cards 1st membership card must be in the first and last name of the Primary Member
2nd membership card allows for one of two options:
  1. 2nd membership card lists the first and last name of the Secondary Member;
  2. 2nd membership card indicates "guest of Primary Member name". See explanation in next question of what the "guest of" membership card option is all about.
Example: 1st card for 'John Smith' (Primary Member) and 2nd card could be either 'Barbara Smith' or 'Guest of John Smith'

A "guest of" membership card is available as an option for the membership categories of Dual, Family, Turquoise, Copper, Silver, and Gold. These categories of membership allow the Member household to have two membership cards. If a Member selects the "guest of" option for their membership cards, membership card #1 must be in the name of the Primary Member. Membership card #2 is listed as the "Guest of Primary Member name". The "guest of" membership card enables the Primary Member to bring in any guest of their choosing to the Museum for a visit. The guest does not need to be in the company of the Primary Member/cardholder during the Museum visit. The "guest of" membership card allows admission for one person only and is not eligible to bring in children, or for any other membership benefits (ie discounts in the restaurants, giftshops, free coffee/tea etc.)

Guest Pass
Picture of paper guest pass
  • A guest pass can be gifted to anyone to use at any time until the guest pass expires (each guest pass has a one-year expiration date from the month of purchase).
  • The guest pass allows the holder to visit the Museum without the presence of the Member.
  • Each guest pass allows admission for one person.
  • Each guest pass is valid for a one time use only.
  • The number of guest passes received is determined by the category of membership selected by the Member.
  • Expired guest passes are not valid for admission.
  • Lost or stolen guest passes cannot be replaced.
"Guest of" membership card (plastic)
Picture of plastic 'guest of' card
  • The "guest of" membership card can be used for entry to the Museum without the Primary Member/cardholder.
  • The "guest of" membership card expires on the date the membership expires.
  • This membership card allows admission for one person (no accompanying children).
  • There are no benefits associated with this membership card, only admission for one person.

Unfortunately guest passes are like cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Keep them in a safe place!

Memberships are nontransferable and are valid only for the person (or persons) whose name(s) appears on the card. As a nonprofit organization that relies on membership and attendance for support, we appreciate your attention to this detail of your membership benefits.

If all the adults on your membership are named, only those adults may use the membership card. If you would like to bring a guest to the Museum you may use one of your guest passes for that person.

The Desert Museum estimates the fair market value of memberships and considers the amounts below to be a good guideline for determining the tax deductible portion. It is important to consult with your tax professional when making final determinations.

CategoryTax deductible portion

Guest passes may be given and to anyone the person using the guest pass does not have to be accompanied by the Member.

No. Guest passes are only mailed for internet orders. If you plan to visit the Museum in the next couple of weeks, please wait and pay for your membership at the Museum admission window when you visit as your guest passes may not reach you within the two week period of time.

Children and grandchildren 17 years of age and younger are included on all memberships at the Family level or higher. Your children or grandchildren may accompany you if you are listed on the membership card. Note that only the children and grandchildren of the Member listed on the active membership cards may be admitted. As a nonprofit organization that relies on membership and attendance for support, we appreciate your attention to this detail of your membership benefits.

If one of your membership cards is a "guest of" card, the person using the "guest of card" will not be able to bring in the primary members' children or their own children - only themselves. This card is good for admission for one person only.

Unfortunately we do not provide reciprocal benefits for other institutions.

You may present your driver's license at the admission window to gain access to the Museum and a guest services representative will fill out a card replacement form. There is a $3 replacement fee for each membership card lost. You will receive your new card in the mail in a week or two. Please continue to use your driver's license until your replacement membership card arrives. Also, please note, your new membership card will have a new membership ID number and barcode. Should you find your missing/lost membership cards, please destroy them as they will no longer be active and valid.

You may apply one admission ticket toward the purchase of a new Student or Individual membership and a total of two admission tickets toward the purchase of a new Dual through Gold level of membership. Admission tickets must be presented in person at the Museum’s admission window the day of the visit. Tickets being applied must have been purchased on the same day as the membership. Not applicable to renewing memberships or membership upgrades.

You may only apply admission tickets towards the cost of a membership when purchasing a new membership. Upgrading to a different category of membership does not allow for the application of admission tickets.

In order to get into the Museum we must scan your membership card to ensure your membership is current. Sometimes there is a bit of a line but our scanners work as fast as they can to ensure the wait is minimal.

No. A Family membership includes parents or partners and children and/or grandchildren ages 17 and younger.

No, only your children and/or grandchildren can come in on your Family membership. You are able to use your one-time-use guest passes for guests including neighbor’s children.

Newsletters are published quarterly. Sonorensis is published once a year.

For Membership Acquisition: The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum occasionally shares member information with other local cultural organizations. We do not sell our lists to private companies. If you would like to be added to our “do not share” list please email the Museum's Member & Donor Services Department at with your information.

The Desert Museum reserves the right to make changes to this policy at its sole discretion. Such revisions may arise in response to changes in the law, policy, or other factors. We encourage you to periodically visit this page to review our most current policy.

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