Earth Day Poetry Winners: 2013

Grade K

1st, overall winner, tied: Andrew Hanauska, Mountain Lion
2nd: Danika Olivas, Owl
3rd (tied): Julian Lopez, Desert Show
3rd (tied): Solomon Clinkingbeard, Tarantula
3rd (tied): Akeem Alvarez, Bat
HM: Ila Moss, The Desert
HM: Alex Guiterrez, In the Desert
HM: Luna Turner, Desert Animals
HM: Wyatt Hughes, Roadrunner
HM: Jeffrey Martinez, Saguaro
HM: Jerod Villareal, Snake

Grade 1

1st (tied): Amalia Matchett, The Desert in the Day
1st (tied): Violet Barton, An Arizona Girl
2nd: Mia Risch, Coyote Song
3rd: Nash Krause, Woodpecker Likes to Fly
HM: Caitlin Hirabayashi, Hummingbirds
HM: Ava Boxley, Sunset
HM: Alianne Ochoa, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Leila Rodriguez, What is a Desert?
HM: Nathan Roy, Rattlesnakes
HM: Kaly Johnson, Deer
HM: Sally Kamper, The Scorpion

Grade 2

1st, overall winner, tied: Henry Medlin, A Dream
2nd (tied): Hunter Koughn, The Rattlesnake
2nd (tied): Ava Silverman, Once a Saguaro Swings
3rd (tied: Tannor Soeder, Ocean Beauties
3rd (tied): Alexander Clinkingbeard, Caves
HM: Aubree Fish, The Desert
HM: Jaron Smith, The Saguaro Cactus
HM: Socrates Rosado, Years Were Passing
HM: Hakima Abdul Kadir, The Sonoran Plants
HM: Zoe Benavidez, The Desert, Kelly Murphy
HM: Carson Coates, Agua Caliente Park
HM: Nashwa Alzoubaydi, The Desert Sky
HM: Zophia Zamora, Desert
HM: Natalie Sands, The Desert
HM: Jesenia Chavez, The River
HM: Paige Brady, Daylight
HM: Cohen Maclean, The Rain Comes
HM: Helen Herndon, I Like the River
HM: Finn Ogden, Cactus
HM: Airam Ruiz, Snakes in Arizona
HM: Angelica Loya, Snake

Grade 3

1st: Raven Strange, Jumping Mouse
2nd: Manti Farnsworth, The Raccoon
3rd (tied): Clara Earle, Rainbows
3rd (tied): Aitana Molina, The Desert
HM: Lourdes Camarillo, The Palo Verde
HM: Sierra Alegria, Dragonfly
HM: Monte Montijo, Frog
HM: Analise Grijalva, The Sunset
HM: Brett VanLeaven, Desert Bat
HM: Kylie Villareal, A Beautiful Day of the Desert
HM: Gisela Contreras, Beautiful Sunset
HM: Krystana Ramirez, The Owl
HM: Lennon Schindler-Graf, Kangaroo Rats
HM: Oscar Rodriguez, Scorpions
HM: Justin Seamans, The Daily Life of a Frog
HM: Kylee Callahan, The Jackrabbit
HM: Mia Johnson, Perfect Sunset

Grade 4

1st: Nathan Krikawa, The Sand
2nd: (tied) Max Bevier, The Kangaroo Rat
2nd: (tied) Angel Soto, Desert Sunset Sky
3rd: (tied) Maximo Morelos, The Black-tailed Jack Rabbit
3rd: (tied) Amaya Mortensen, Saguaro
HM: Isaac Averill, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Genesis Ochoa, Sonoran Desert
HM: Mia Rodriguez, Coyote
HM: Emme Cota-Robles, Swimming River Otters
HM: Logan Boyd, The Most Wonderful Place in the World
HM: Julia Kim, Sunset
HM: Nathan Soto-Burns, The Desert
HM: Jaqueline Alfaro, Sonoran Desert
HM: Serina Mendoza, Sonoran Desert
HM: Ashleigh Maxwell, If I was a 50 year old Rattlesnake
HM: Janeth Morales, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Dante Kelly, Desert
HM: Josiah Le Duque, Awesome Desert Water

Grade 5

1st (plus overall winner): George Ballenger, The Desert's Senses
2nd (Tied): Anna White, The Morning
2nd (Tied): Aeryn Alexander, The Sun
3rd (Tied): Ezra A. Schneider, The Peregrine Falcon
3rd (Tied): Sienna Taylor, Rain
3rd (Tied): Ruby Patterson, Desert Tortoise
HM: Sarah Jeter, Hummingbird
HM: Samuel D. Croll, The Forgotten Desert
HM: Toby Nickels, Cottontail Rabbit
HM: Isaiah Zamora, Sonora Desert
HM: Kolob Farnsworth, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Miette Romero, The Beautiful Desert
HM: Riley Hamner, Sonoran Desert Museum Poem
HM: Rylin Medcoff, Coyotes
HM: Alijah Howard, Let's Celebrate the Desert
HM: Jose Marcos Hinojosa, The Spirit of the Hummingbird
HM: Martina Bauer, Midnight Howl
HM: Charles Weibel, Sand

Grade 6

1st: Cameron Sandoval, Sonora in the Morning
2nd : McKenzie Bieg, ?
3rd (tied): Renee Vandivort, The Desert
3rd (tied): Alex Kolnacki, Our Desert
HM: Shaylee Sanders, The Fight
HM: Shayne Strey, Haikus for the Desert
HM: Esmeralda Parra, Sonora Desert
HM: Sophia Laing, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Anthony Cordova, The Desert
HM: Sam Broduer, That's How I Explain the Sonoran Desert
HM: Sydney White, The Sunset of the Sonora Desert
HM: Cheyenne Huffman, Sonoran Monsoon
HM: Kaitlyn Singer, Where the Animals Roam

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