Here are all the poetry contest winners from 2004.

Grade 1: No entries

Grade 2:
1st Place— Ben Honea, “In the Desert”, Estes Elementary
Co-1st Place— Annamea Sax, “Luna”, Highland Free School
2nd Place— Daniel Giangardella, “The Scorpion”, Kellond Elementary
Co-2nd Place— Zach Blain, “Desierto”, Highland Free School
3rd Place— Charlie Cox, “Desert”, Highland Free School
Co-3rd Place— Kaylie Schultz, “Through my true years”, Desert Winds Elementary
Honorable Mention—Alejandra Arreola, “In evening air”, Desert Winds Elementary
Honorable Mention— Justin Barleycorn, “Rattlesnake”, Kellond Elementary
Honorable Mention— Alex Ford, “Coyote”, Kellond Elementary
Honorable Mention— Melodie Pohl, “The Rattlesnake’s life”, Kellond Elementary
Honorable Mention— Kayla Waters, “The Drying Heat”, Kellond Elementary
Honorable Mention— Marissa Paz, “The Desert Poem”, Kellond Elementary
Honorable Mention— Sereena Giner, “Coyote Scarce”, Kellond Elementary

Grade 3:
1st Place— Alex Goodman, “Reflections”, Desert Winds Elementary
2nd Place— Chloe Marek, “The Azul Sky”, Highland Free School
3rd Place—Greyson Olson, “One Sonoran Desert”, Highland Free School
Honorable Mention— Joseph Chamberlain, “Desert”, Highland Free School
Honorable Mention— Alexis Jackson, “Weightless Sands”, Desert Winds Elementary
Honorable Mention— Ariella Schneider, “Shadow World”, Desert Winds Elementary
Honorable Mention— Charles Horvath, “Desert Daylight”, Desert Winds Elementary

Grade 4:
1st Place—Cole Dearmon-Moore, “Stars”, “Desert City”, Manzanita Elementary (overall winner)
Co-1st Place— Lauren Megaw, “Nightflyer”, “Following”, Manzanita Elementary
2nd Place – Dao Todirita, “Desert”, Highland Free School
Co-2nd Place – Jordan Herz, “The Grandcanyon”, Manzanita Elementary
3rd Place – Dana Brailsford, “The Blazing Sun”, Manzanita Elementary
Co-3rd Place – Tatum Craft, “Life on Earth is Ending”, Picture Rocks Elementary
Honorable Mention – Adrian Lopez, “Moonlight Soul”, Picture Rocks Elementary
Honorable Mention – Samuel Williams, “The Desert City”, Manzanita Elementary
Honorable Mention – Madeline Blank, “The Southern Arizona Sunset”, Manzanita Elementary Honorable Mention – Courtland Watters, “The Roadrunner”, Manzanita Elementary
Honorable Mention – Maxwell Heller, “Arizona”, Manzanita Elementary
Honorable Mention – Michelle Becker, “El Desierto”, Highland Free School

Grade 5:
1st Place – Kashja Sage Iler, “The White Whispy Clouds”, Casa Ninos School of Montessori
2nd Place – Zach Kaplan, “Ode to the Sonoran Desert”, Butterfield Elementary
3rd Place – Morgan Coch, “River Oh River”, Butterfield Elementary
Honorable Mention – Edgar Torres, “Movements”, Estes Elementary
Honorable Mention – Danielle Vasquez, “The Sonoran Desert, The City that Never Sleeps”, Butterfield Elementary
Honorable Mention – James Pursley, “The Desert”, Butterfield Elementary
Honorable Mention – Denielle Brevaire, “The Desert”, Butterfield Elementary
Honorable Mention – Shaquaya Janee Hicks, “Sunsets”, Butterfield Elementary

Grade 6: No entries


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