Here are the third place poems from 2003. Enjoy!

3rd Place Winners:

James Boehm, 1st Grade, Armstrong Academy
Sonoran Sunset (no copy to display)

Dakota Leigh Frye, 2nd Grade, Miles ELC
Desert Animals Are...

Julian Armenta, 2nd Grade, Miles ELC


Katie Singleton, 3rd Grade, Hudlow School
The Sun-Kissed Desert

Joselinne Reyes, 4th Grade, Myers-Ganoung Elementary School
The Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert is
a dry place. I went there
one day. I saw the saguaros
there. They say they're the
mighty giants of the desert.

I saw the mesquites and
the palo verdes. They were
wonderful. I saw the cholla
and barell cactus.

I saw a rattle snake
With its beautiful slithering scales
sliding through the dusty dirt.
It's shiny scales
were like the rays of the

I saw three javelinas
scampering through the
beautiful dusty desert.

And this wasn't like any
old trip because this trip
will last a lifetime.

Joey Richards, 5th Grade, St. Cyril School

Paula Moreno, 6th Grade, St. Cyril School
The Bobcat's Hunt


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