Earth Day Poetry Contest Second Place Winners 2010

Grade K

2nd: Michael Aboulhosm Diamond Back Rattlesnake

Diamond Back Rattlesnake

Diamonds, rattles
Slithers, Hisses, Bites
Diamond Back Rattlesnake

Grade 1

2nd: Brooke Mitchell Night Sky

Night Sky

Bright yellow moon
in the sky
many twinkling stars
that go by
at night
animals hibernate
at night
cats are outside late
some animals hunt under the night sky
others sleep the time by

Grade 2

2nd: Allie Escandon The Long, Wide Waterfall

The Long, Wide Waterfall

In the desert it had rained over the cliffs
and made a long, wide waterfall.
The clear water flowed down,
it was so dark, it was so smooth.

I walked along the water,
It was so rocky and bumpy.
I swam in the river
and the fish were tickling me.
I felt them under my feet.

Grade 3

No entries for Grade 3

Grade 4

2nd: (Tied) Abigail Faber Desert at Night

Desert at Night

The sun drowning,
Moon rising.
Coldness surrounding
Stars twinkling.
Owls hooting,
Coyotes howling.
Mountain Lions growling.
Javelinas screeching,
Bobcats prowling.
Snakes slithering,
Bugs scattering.
Tortoises curling up,
Animals dozing.
Prey scrounging,
Predators hunting.

2nd: (Tied) Victoria Vega Desert Night

Desert Night

Stars dazzling,
Moon glowing.
MIllions of starts scattered across the night sky.
Owls hooting.
Coyotes howling as they run across the desert floor.
Bats search for prey
as they glide across the never-ending night sky.
Sky as dark as a cave.
Everything seems to stay

Grade 5

2nd: (Tied) Madelynn St. Peter This Beautiful Desert

This Beautiful Desert

I go to the desert and take a rough seat.
As I sit on the rock, I feel the sun's heat.
The desert's awakening, the moon's going down.
I'm starting to hear all the noises from town.
As morning arrives and we start the day,
Javelinas, coyotes - they all run away.
Yet some of the creatures aren't hidden and gone.
They'll stay through the day, beginning at dawn.
I see a snake go slithering by.
A vulture awaits its prey in the sky.
Lizards are crawling with tongues darting out.
Roadrunners are happily running about.
I see a tarantula under some shade,
Some eggs in the sand that a desert toad laid.
A jackrabbit's hopping across all the sand.
I'm glad that I live in this beautiful land.
Now I don't mean to brag and I don't mean to boast,
But I think that I love the desert the most.
I love all the life that it has day and night -
All the plants and saguaros which reach a great height.
I love living here where you'll never feel blue.
I think it is great. How about you?

2nd: (Tied) Rachel Richter The Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran desert is my home.
It is where I like to roam.
The sun is looking down at me.
The trees are growing big and free.
The breeze blows against my face.
A lizard goes by without a trace.
Birds singing in my ear.
I see saguaros, but only here.
The sunset is gold, yellow and red.
It comes right before I go to bed.

Grade 6:

2nd: Reece Jordan Coyote


The coyote walks alone
In the dry desert.
He howls to the sky, and in response,
The first raindrops fall.
His head hanging and tail drooping.
He walks somberly alone in his cave,
Where his family
Awaits for him.
He remembers the food that he left,
And digs it up for his pups.
He will have to hunt again,
So he can eat after the monsoon.
This is the life of the
Mighty coyote
Hunting for him and his family.

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