Earth Day Poetry Contest First Place Winners 2011

Grade K

Xander Clinkingbeard, Kingsnake the King of the Desert

The King of the Desert

There is a snake
That they call the king.
He is really tough,
He can eat anything!

He eats the snake
Called a rattlesnake
Maybe he makes
Him into a cake!

Does he really command
Or sit on a cactus throne?
Is he really the king
Of the desert zone?

Grade 1

Kady Horton, In the Desert

In the Desert

Summer is when the flowers grow.
Owls hunt at night you know.
Nights is when some animals may take a different
Route. Run because a snake is here.
A prairie dog is also hear.
Night is when bobcats come out.

Grade 2

Ashleigh Maxwell (tied Overall Winner), If I Were a 100 Year Old Saguaro

If I Were a 100 Year Old Saguaro

I would have seen beautiful sunsets
and desert animals running around having a good time.

The sun would be hot during the day
and sometimes a few bats would come by to eat the fruit off
my arms at night.

The most beautiful thing I have seen was the big blue sky.
The clouds were puffy like saguaro fruit blooming
and the sun would shine.

I would have seen grasses slowly waving in the wind at me
and the rodents running by.

Coyotes howled at the full moon at night.

I would have seen the most important thing,
the nature all around me.

That's what I've seen.

Grade 3

Caleb Pacheco, Sonoran Desert

Sonoran Desert

Storms are rolling in
Dark deep clouds wandering around
Rain coming down
So hard
Then suddenly
And then a whip of light
Tears through the sky
The storm is gone
All that is left
Is a sea of sand
All the animals
Coming out from their hiding places
A vast land reveals itself
The Sonoran Desert

Grade 4

Sophia Laing, The Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert

The sun rises
Sunlight streams through the sky
The desert begins to wake up
That's the Sonoran Desert

Saguaro with their huge arms reach for the sky
Birds begin to sing their morning songs
Teh rocky ground speckled with pieces of mica
That's the Sonoran Desert

The sun sets
Its vibrant colors disappear behind a mountain
Coyotes begin their yippity yappy howls
That's the Sonoran Desert

Grade 5

George Arden 111 (tied), Mexican Wolf

Mexican Wolf

An amazing streak of gray and brown,
knocking deer down to the ground.
Nothing can rival the Mexican wolf,
roaming the ranges between the two gulfs.
Excellent teamwork, incredible strength,
undaunted by all except man, to a length,
who have trapped them and killed them for nothing at all,
But to see the wolf pelts at illegal malls.
The dog king returns, though, and now roams the hills,
chasing and leaping and making his kills.

Briana Tovar (tied), A Part of Me

A Part of Me

The desert is where I was born,
So I shall never be torn
About where I want to be,
Because the desert is part of me.
I was born and raised on desert land.
I would rather not walk on beach sand.
If I sound crazy to thee,
Then crazy I shall be,
Because the desert is part of me.

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