Earth Day Poetry Contest First Place Winners 2010

Grade K

1st: Adriel Peralis-Valencia (tied) The Long-Nosed Bat

The Long-Nosed Bat

The long-nosed bat,
They help the flowers grow.
They come out at night,
To the flowers they will go.

1st. Hunter Dorris (tied) Desert


There are cacti in the desert,
A bat goes out at night.
There are flowers in the desert,
the sun is bright.

Grade 1

1st. Angel Soto Desert Rainbow

Desert Rainbow

Red pretty cardinals
gliding in the sky.

Orange Sunsets
So beautiful they are.

Yellow flowers
blooming all around.

Green saguaros
So high they grow.

Blue sky
filled with sunshine.

Purple mountains
circle all around.

Grade 2

1st: Caitlyn Glider (tied, Overall Winner) The Way I Enjoy the Desert

The Way I Enjoy the Desert

one day I took a walk in the desert
I realized there was so much to enjoy
the smell in the air after it rains
the views of the land covered with cactus and mountains
In the back ground
The sounds of the animals coming to life after the sunsets
the hot breeze blowing across my face
I'm gratefull I live in the desert.

1st. Bryce Groen (tied) The Desert

The Desert

The desert is hot and dry.
I see a hawk floating by.
There is a snake in the sand
And a lizard in the desert land.
The coyote will howl in the night,
But that spider really gave me a fright!
The desert is full of plants.
A kangaroo rat is nibbling on my pants!
It's not the jungle, it's not the sea,
It's the desert, and it's as great as can be!

Grade 3

1st. Allie Copenhaver (tied) Desert Wildflowers

Desert Wildflowers

All the flowers,
Day and night,
They are such
A wonderful sight.
The cactus flower
In full bloom
is called a cereus
And is lit by the moon.
The saguaro blooms
Way up high -
Such pretty colors
That might catch your eye.
The desert mallow
Makes a good treat.
The desert tortoise
Thinks it is sweet.
The desert is full
Of beauty and delight
For people and animals
To enjoy day and night.

1st. Tristan Head (tied) The Desert Around Us

The Desert Around Us

The sun is shining,
The sky is blue.
The animals pop out . . .
Well, some of them do!

Some are nocturnal,
Some are just shy.
Others run away
When people walk by.

Lizards and snakes,
Coyotes, too.
Live in the desert
Like me and you.

Some eat plants,
Some eat meat.
But they all live

In the desert heat!

Grade 4

1st. Amy Quintana A Beautiful Evening

A Beautiful Evening

I am standing on a hill looking at a sunset.
Cool air surrounds me with a breeze flowing like a river.
An owl is gently sending whhoooos through the air.
A saguaro is standing proud and tall with many stories to

The trees seems to be murmuring to each other through
the wind.
I can see the snow on the mountain looking as beautiful as
can be!
The sunset reminds me of the my loving family who care
about me very much.
Puddles have formed on the dry ground.
I am standing on a hill looking at the sunset.

Grade 5

1st and Overall Winner: Kristen Esker The Cactus Wren

The Cactus Wren

I live in a cactus that stands mighty tall,
It grows fat in the rain and wilts in the dry fall.

In the desert morning I like to chirp,
and gobble down worms that make me burp.

I start my day by flying high,
Past the palo verde trees through the desert sky.

I see my friend tortoise that moves at a steady pace.
I bet he would win at a tortoise and hare race.

I spot a coyote that searches for prey,
And there is the cottontail that tries to run away.

What is that? Is it a lizard I see?
Yes! He's doing push-ups - one, two, three!

It is getting dark now and I must fly away,
To my home in the desert, in a saguaro tucked away.

Grade 6:

1st: Axy VanDongen The Red-tailed Hawk

The Red-tailed Hawk

The red-tailed hawk is the raptor of the air.
With silent flights for food,
She owns the daylight sky,

The sun falls
And the mighty owl takes the night.
With hoots and screeches of joy
They steal the night clouds

The moon falls
and the hawk takes over again.


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