Here are the first place poems from 2004. Enjoy!

Ben Honea, Grade 2, Estes Elementary
"In the Desert"

Annamae Sax, Grade 2, Highland Free School

Alex Goodman, Grade 3, Desert Winds Elementary

Cole Dearmon-Moore, Grade 4, Manzanita Elementary

"Stars" and "Desert City"


(The exquisite sunset disappears

And a black darkness blankets the desert.

Slowly, shimmering white dots appear in the empty night.

They seem to whisper to me, "Come, come to our world.

The twinkling stars, the mysterious planets, the

overwhelming galaxy!"

I smile

"Someday, sometime,

I will, I tell them, as I drift off to sleep.

"Someday I will.")

Lauren McGaw, Grade 4, Manzanita Elementary

"Nightflyer" and "Following"


Kashja Sage Iler, Grade 5, Casa Niños School of Montessori

"The White Wispy Clouds"

(The white clouds,

So wispy and small,

Like white cotton candy,

Are they all.

With speeds so slow,

They go across the sky,

I could race them and win,

So says I.

Like a big, white blanket,

Covering the sky,

Are the clouds,

So wonderful, going by. )


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