Here are the first place poems from 2003. Enjoy!

Christina Rosenberg, 1st Grade, Miles ELC
The Desert Is

Kylie Young, 2nd Grade, Miles ELC
The Desert

Sonora Orchard, 2nd Grade, Montessori School House
Peregrine Falcon

Natalia Navarro, 2nd Grade, St. Michael's Parish Day School
The Sonoran Desert

Melanie Mosier, 3rd Grade, Miles ELC
The Desert

Tony Tribolet, 4th Grade, Myers-Ganoung Elementary School
Sonoran Desert

Big like a saguaro cactus. Desert is alive
like the animals that live there. Desert is
hot like the rays of the sun. There are
animals that live there like the kanga-
roo rat that hops like a kangaroo. There
is a coyote that howls at night. There
is a scorpion that waits for its prey like
a tiger. Desert you grow plants like
the paloverde.

Mallory Kelley, 5th Grade, Coyote Trail Elementary School
My Home

With colors of purple, blue, and brown
The mountains stand bold covering the ground
Shading the animals scampering across
The little tiny red and brown crocks
At night the moon shines silver and bright
On the nocternal owls
Who are alert at night
With the sound of the crickets chirping away
You wonder if you will see him the next day
But with the animals in camouflage
All blended in
It will be hard to find hem
And their sound again
So you ask,
" What is this glorious place you talk of?"
Well you see

This is the Sonoran Desert
Where I live and will be.

Robert Rosenberg, 5th Grade, Coyote Trail Elementary School

Michelle Vock, 6th Grade, St. Cyril School


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