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Middle School Earth Camp


High School Earth Camp (not offered in 2014)


Earth Camp for Adults


Earth Camp opens eyes and minds to our unique, interdependent and awe-inspiring planet, drawing connections from our homes, to our region, to the globe, and to what we can learn about Earth from space. Earth campers work in teams to develop awareness and understanding of our planet's ecosystems and how to better live in harmony with the natural world.

Picture of Laurel Clark

The Earth Camp program was conceived to honor the legacy of Captain Laurel Salton Clark, a physician, diver, aviator and astronaut, and also a great lover of nature. Laurel's greatest and last adventure ended February 1, 2003 over the southern United States when she and the Space Shuttle Columbia crew perished during re-entry.

Earth Camp was developed as a way to honor Laurel and her love of the Desert Museum, which included everything from the smallest insect to the Raptor Free Flight program.

Earth Camp is a partnership between the University of Arizona College of Science, Project WET, the Planetary Science Institute and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

College of Science Aizona Cooperative Extension
Planetary Science Institute Arizona Project WET