Brown Spider
Loxosceles spp.

Family: Sicariidae (Loxoscelidae)
Other common names: violin spider, Arizona brown spider, fiddle spider, necrotizing spider, brown recluse Spanish name: uvari


This is a small, inconspicuous brown spider with slightly darker brown markings on the cephalothorax. These markings vaguely resemble the shape of a violin, hence the common names �violin�or �fiddle� spider. The species native to this area are closely related to the infamous brown recluse of the midwestern United States, but the markings are less obvious.

Distribution and Habitat
Brown spider
brown spider

These spiders occur in the southern United States through Mexico and Central America. Not all species live in the desert, but several species of Loxosceles are found in Arizona. These secretive spiders are found in debris in the desert or around dwellings in outlying areas.


A trapping spider, the brown spider catches insects and other invertebrates in sticky, irregular webs spun beneath rocks and debris. The bite of this spider is potentially dangerous to humans: reportedly some have suffered amputation and even death as the result of bites. Although sometimes the bite causes little harm, the most common reaction is a spreading sore at the site of the bite, which, if untreated, may result in permanent tissue damage. Those who suspect a brown spider bite should see a physician.

Life History

The inseminated female lays eggs in cases. Once hatched, the young may live 2 to 3 years.

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