Research and Conservation in Southern Sonora, Mexico

Tabebuia chrysantha (amapa amarilla)

T. chrysantha is most commonly called amapa amarilla in Sonora, but it is also known there as roble and verdecillo. The tree is similar in stature to T. impetiginosa. It is much less common in Sonora than the pink-flowering species. The bright yellow flowers are more ephemeral; the spectacular display usually lasts only a week. It most commonly blooms in March. Amapa amarilla ranges from southern Sonora to Venezuela.

Tabebuia chrysantha in flower near Alamos, Sonora. Photo: S.A. Meyer

Flowers of Tabebuia chrysantha. Photo: Mark Dimmitt

Tabebuia chrysantha in full flower in March near San Javier, Sonora. Photo: T.R. Van Devender

Tabebuia chrysantha is rarely found growing adjacent to T. impetiginosa, and the two species almost never flower simultaneously. Near San Javier, Sonora. Photo: T.R. Van Devender



This is an unusually dense grove of T. chrysantha, but it's a sparse flowering. Photo: S.A. Meyer

Flowers and bark of Tabebuia chrysantha. Photo: T.R. Van Devender



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