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Tanner's Story


My Earth Camp Commitment

     While seeing all of the wonderful plants in Utah and Northern Arizona, I began to think about my small garden back at home. My garden requires a lot of care and by attending this camp, I have discovered a new way to replenish the nurients in its soil. Composting will help my garden flourish and it will also help me decrease my eco-footprint. When I get home, I will research different composting methods and figure out which one will work the best for my family and garden. Once I find a good technique, I will start a compost bin with my family.

Journal Entry from Day Five    

     As we were hiking up Three Canyons in order to do some repeat photography, I noticed little shortcuts that could take me to our group’s destination faster. By using an easier path, I could save time and energy. I would also be able to capture that perfect picture of the canyon or a little animal. Right before I was about to drift off the path, I heard Naomi warn us not to stray from the trail because cryptobiotic soil was growing along the sides of the path. When we all asked her what cryptobiotic soil was, she started to explain how important it was and how long it took to grow. I was astounded when I heard that the small mounds of dirt took 250 years to grow. If I were to step on it, I would destroy the soil’s 250 years of toil. At that moment, I noticed how much of an impact I have on my surroundings and how immense that impact can be. Taking the easy way out was not necessarily the best option because what  I did would not have only affected me, but something crucial to that environment.

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