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Alejandra's Story

My promise-

Here in Arizona, it is hilariously hot! Too much sun is what I hear mostly threw out the days of summer. But there has to be a way that sun can be good for us?! And all this talk about global worming isn't just the suns fault. How we get our daily things like water, light, a/c, etc… all come from one source too, and that is electricity. Tucson gets 95% of its energy by burning coal (mined from the four corners area). And that burning contributes to the pollution of the air. So while knowing all this, there is a better way to get energy other  than burning coal, its SOLAR PANELS! These things can help reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere and it uses the suns rays to give us energy for our daily stuff. Solar panels are not economical and they do not store energy like regular electricity. So there are some flaws to be perfected, but its better than the regular stuff we use. So my promise for being a better leader for a shared planet is to save us for solar panels and one day have a life that doesn’t involve hurting my home planet.

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