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Pono's Story

One experience I had was with NOAO the taught us that animals can be confused by the lights in a city. Turtles in Miami use the moon to navigate to the sea. They can be confused by street lamps or other bright lights. We played a game and there was four lights one was the moon we had to guess what was the moon and we were the turtles. Most of us were confused by the lights a lot didn’t make the right light. My action will be since I'm from hawaii and there are sea turtles in hawaii. When the sun goes down the outside lights go off and the blinds are shut so the animals cannot be confused be the lights. I will remember to do this by putting an X on the outside light switches to help us to turn them off.

Another experience I had was with the Biosphere 2 it has three areas to see if we can live in a world that we recycle everything. One area there was living and fruits and produce area. One area was a savannah with a pool with fish and a living oral reef. The last area was desert and the control center for all the stations. There eight men and women spent two years recycling everything.

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