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Tyler's Story

My commitment for Earth Camp

When I attended Earth Camp this time, I learned a lot more about myself and about the environment. We traveled to many different places and I was privileged to learn the thoughts and opinions of many different knowledgeable people. I received a basic understanding of water in the west and its many affects on the environment. From this appreciation I came to realize how much water people use by buying non local fruits and vegetables from the grocery store. I decided to solve this conundrum of wasteful water use by attempting to buy local and by planting a vegetable garden in my backyard. First, I will need to remove the rocks that line the side of my house where I plan to place my future garden. Then, I will use excess dirt from a previous backyard project to supply the soil that will become the base of my vegetable Mecca. I plan to grow only local vegetables in my garden. There are a number of websites I can research to help me learn more about desert gardening.In the future I could expand my garden to be more eco friendly by using compost with the soil. I sincerely believe that if everyone commits to help the environment, even in easy ways such as water efficient showers or buying local food, the world will be a better place.  

Journal Entry

Rock Creek Ranch

 Day 6


Set a little bit back off of the majestic Green River is a small ranch that is long from being in use. It’s made from enduring stones and tough wood, designed to survive through the ages. There are still tools laying rusty and old on rotting wooden shelves, which seem to be waiting for the slightest touch to collapse. Tall, shady mulberry trees loom outside the shelters providing delicious, tart fruit to whoever has the desire to reach up and pluck it from the branches. As I sit here and write, I wonder about these people who built and inhabited these houses. I wonder what they looked like and how they spoke. I also wonder what it would take to live in a place like this. Work had to be done, rain or shine, sleet or snow. They didn’t have sick days or vacation days. They only had each other to rely on when they got sick or injured. They didn’t have any food to eat other than the sustenance they provided for themselves. As we continue our journey down this amazing river, I gain a serious respect for these people and their lifestyle. They were able to find balance with the natural world by respecting and loving nature. I hope to learn from their example. They were truly some of the first leaders of our shared planet.

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