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Thomas's Story

I commit to live a low-impact lifestyle and to spread the love of nature through photographs and poetry.  I’ll use all resources, such as water and electricity, sparingly and make choices that will leave a mere pinky-toe as my ecological footprint.  My efforts will range everywhere from considering food miles and packaging to using less water while showering and less energy in my home.  This program has given me the inspiration to utilize my art to benefit true treasures of the world in nature.  My life will be committed to leaving a small mark on the planet while spreading a large, important, and universal message throughout it.

7-9-2009 Day 2

I’ve seen some of nature’s best work today. I only wish that I could have admired longer.  We’ve all been racing the sun today, but the sun is pretty fast. Twelve hours by car and an hour long hike.  I walked with the first people of the earth.  We share the same skin but are worlds apart.  I walked in a house with ties to the Mormon Prophet and slept in sacred Navajo Land.  The moon isn’t full but it’s brighter than any full moon back home.  Currently, I’m surrounded by 700 feet of worn, red rock.  Diamonds hang in the sky while the moon goes on its routine hike across the night.  The sky is black with glow, and the ground is black with shadow.  Truly God’s people lived, not under it all, but with it all.  The stars and the ants hug me, and the moon watches over me.  Truly their Gods are superior to ours.  Modern God is routed with human characteristics, while the first Gods were of nature themselves, and not flawed by a relation with man.  Their Gods can live without us while our God dies with us.  The moon is telling me this doesn’t matter because tonight I’m breathing, I’m living, I’m floating with Gods that speak with feelings, not words.

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