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Sadiya's Story

             My Obligation to be a leader for a shared planet,that I will be doing as soon as I get home will be as follows:

First thing that I commit to do is to use reusable water bottle, because I have been using water bottles from stores which you have to pay more money than just buying water and using your reusable water bottle. . Shipping water around the world wastes fossil fuels and sometimes depletes local freshwater resources and all plastic and glass bottles are waste and it wastes money and hurts the planet. Also some of those water/bottles get expired and more. Additionally, using less water at home will help my family to reduce paying lots of money on water, for the reason that I think my family uses lots of water for showering, dishes and etc.

                                                FIRST TIME OF WATER RAFTING (DAY 1 AT RIVER) July 11 09.

We have been driving all yesterday and finally we reached our place to start our adventure fro sand wash to the green river. First we got to the place at 11:30pm that we will be starting our journey for tomorrow and were we met our trip leader, Anne Spencer and she explained to us how we will be using our cots that we will be sleeping on our whole tour. We slept in a hut; there were loads of mosquitoes in and outside of the hut. I think it was hard for everyone to do the cots for the first time including me but we dealt with it that night.

 By the time we woke up early in the morning we started to pack up for our expedition while those mosquitoes were eating us. We got in to our boat and motored all day on the river except we made two stops for swimming and two stops for hiking. On our first hike we went to see an imprint of a turtle shell that I believe it was 65 million years old. On our next stop for hiking we went to “Moon shine cabin”, it was a place that Ben Moras and Jessy Bassit use to live, I think 1890s and it also had a spring. The sun sated while we rafted about 30 miles. It has been such a great day spending with the whole group, the staff and the guides. I love learning, experiencing and exploring so this was an awesome-first day of starting our rafting trip.

                                                Journal entry for day 5(July 12 09)

                Today we only had 10 miles to cover/being on the boat, so everything looked so short. We stopped after a while to go see a place. That place was a big flat rock that had drawings on it. And it also had a date on it that said (7-13-26). Meanwhile we had duckies today and each duckie there were too people on it so one time my partner was Holly. it was really awesome being with her because I always like to go to an adult most things that I do.

            There was One time through rapids that we got stuck in a rock and holly fall and I was the only one in the duckie without both paddles but thank God because holly grabbed to the duckie while sitting on the rock so that was good. Even though we didn’t had the paddles still I was glad she was on board and we got our paddles later. More fun was ahead of us after those struggles, I was really nervous of that big rapid but I was excited to keep moving and passing more rapids. In conclusion we finally got to a login that we were going spend the night there.

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