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Nathaniel's Story

My Commitment

                This summer at Earth Camp we’ve learned a lot about how compost, trash, and recycling affect nature, and these ten days that we have been here at Earth Camp I’ve learned that we can we use compost buckets the size of dumpster buckets. To use the compost dumpsters for the following things fruits, newspaper, certain types of fiber, nothing like meats, sugar, and dairy products for example cheese, milk, yogurt, etc…  At Tucson High we have a huge garden on the top of our school, the fruits and veggies that we grow in our garden is thrown away and we can probably use those fruits and veggies to mix into the compost buckets and mix, stir, and pound it to make fertilizer to grow delicious fruits and veggies that we can actually eat because, we can’t eat the fruits and veggies that we have right now. Isabella and I are going to be working together on this project and we are going to be talking to our principal Dr. Armada and teachers and/or students to figure out if they want to helpout on this project.

Day One- ASDM

                This is the first day of Earth Camp has been unbelievable I have met amazing people for example, Franklin, Lynn, Jaxon, Luna, Hannah, Brandon, Alex, Thomas, Etc… we had two birthday boys Alex and Mitchell and we learned some interesting things about water and the CAP (Central Arizona Project) ponds and how much they hold here in Tucson and we learned about the rivers in Arizona for example, The Little Colorado River, The Gila River, The San Pedro River, Etc… and we also got to go into the Sonoran Desert Museum and we got into different groups which are the following Purple(Science), Green(Flora), Red(Fauna), and Orange(People & Culture) which I am in and later on in the day we went into the museum and had to draw three different kinds of fish and the people in my group are Hannah, Jessica, Ciera, Issac, and Myself.

My Experience
                My experience here at Earth Camp has been magnificent for the following, I’ve met some interesting people and they have all thought me many things. The days that we were all on the river for five days we all learned how to work together to overcome the rapids on the Green River because there were some major rapids there and while we were there mostly all of us fell in the rapids which I have to admit was pretty amazing the people that fell and that were together were the following Luna & Austin, Thomas & I, Jaxon & Alex, Tyler & Juliet, Mitchell & Issac, Jessica &Sonora, Etc… and we all learned to stick together and leave others behind because when one of us fell in the rapids we were there immediately to save one another and none of us just left each other on the rapids.

The People here at Earth Camp-
                The people here at Earth Camp are outstanding they all have their own characteristics of being a Leader; they all like to take care of each other because if one of us falls down they are all there to help each other out. They all like to have fun because when we were just sitting there doing nothing when we got to our campsite next to the river they would all want to do something creative and fun for example they buried Brandon in the ground and that was creative and most of them wanted to create new games to play.

Final Words-
                My final words to everybody are that I will miss you all because you have guys have encouraged me to do new things in my life and also have thought how to be more fun. All the girls are funny, sweet, intelligent, magnificent, and BEAUTIFUL. The guys are outstanding, funny, nice, outgoing, and cool friends. I will miss all of you; this summer has been amazing just hanging around you guys I will never forget you guys and I also want to thank all the staff Amy, Lynn, Holly, Franklin, and Mary and also thank Laurel Clark’s mother for making this program happen because without her I wouldn’t have met these amazing people.

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