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Mitchell's Story

Section 1-my commitment


What I am going to do to change my way of living is to save water by doing two things:  taking military showers, and placing a brick in my toilet tank. These sound like they wouldn’t have much of an impact in Illinois. Why you may ask, so the reason is to provide more water for recreational parks and other uses. I am going to do this by taking military showers which is where you get wet, turn water off, soap, turn water on and rinse and your done. Another thing I am doing is placing a brick into the toilet water tank which can reduce how much water goes down the toilet so instead of 3 gallons it’s more like 2- 2.5gallons

Section 2 – my journal entry  for day 7


Today we stopped at the McPherson's Ranch which was an old ranch operating in the early 1900’s.  The ranch in a way reminded me of a horror movie considering it had an  motel abandoned in the 70's but it was also fun because it was like urban exploration which is one of my hobbies . Today was also cool considering I got to ride this part of the green rivers biggest rapids after cow swim which are wire fence and three fjords. Every body except me and amy's kayak flipped thanks to her steering. Another reason today was interesting what the river guides made us do which was if you didn't have dress clothes you had to wear a toga that you had to make out of their complimentary bed sheets.We also had a talent show with the guide.

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