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Hannah's Story

Here at Earth Camp, I experienced events that will contribute towards bettering me as a person.  While attending camp, we focused a lot of our time and energy measuring our water usage. We kept track of the water we used for cooking, dishes, and showering.   I became more conscious of how much water I used.  These actions of measuring water usage at camp prompted me to think about my own personal water usage at home and in my community.

Last year, I pledged to start a compost pile in order to eliminate my family’s food waste and reuse the decomposed material as soil for the flowers in my yard. Now, I would like to draw that idea of water conservation into my yard as well. We have had a history of flooding in my area and particularly my home’s basement due to occasional torrential downpours. I will place a rain barrel under my home’s gutter spout, collecting rainwater that could potentially invade my basement. I will distribute this water throughout my garden to conserve water I could be getting from a hose. By harvesting rainwater, I will conserve drinking water while promoting growth in my garden.

7/11/09 - Day 4 Journal Entry

Apparently these rocks are young, according to our guides. However, it seems to me that they loom over us, surpassing our heads with such poise and majesty that it seems that they must be weary and old with wisdom. They stand confidently, sure of themselves and the river beneath their monstrous bellies. I know they must be less than ecstatic when people cut trails across them and carelessly leave trash there. I am so sorry that those mountainous piles of rocks are not able to actively do anything about these destructive humans. The only thing they can do is speak through me and urge me to be involved within my community and my own personal actions. I must try to do all I can to protect and preserve this beautiful world for ourselves, future generations, and in fact, all life yet to come. I’m not sure what difference I can make alone, but I will try to do my very best, by myself or with others. Being here in Desolation Canyon, even if it has only been one day, has made me realize now more than ever that I am determined to make our planet a better place.

Over the course of the trip, I really thought a lot about conservation. The canyon can’t do anything about people ruining the life there, so it’s up to us. I hope everyone enjoys these lyrics I wrote. They are to the tune of “Halo”, by Beyonce. It should follow the song, so enjoy!

Verse 1:

Remember those canyon walls?

Well they’re not tumbling down.

They are putting up a fight

Although they won’t make a sound.

They decided to let me in –

Into their beautiful world

Standing in the light of that canyon,

I’ve got things figured out.

Bridge 1:

It’s like I’ve been awaken

From all the waste I had been making.

And I’m not even faking

About this planet I care about.


‘Cuz now that I’m looking around,

I’m surrounded by the Earth’s embrace.

Here in Desolation Canyon,

These walls are my saving grace.

They hold everything I need to know

In order to reduce my trace.

I’ll lower my eco-footprint

And change global warming’s fate.

‘Cuz of the canyon, canyon, canyon, etc.

Verse 2:

It hit me like a crazy sandstorm

Blown from the river that night

Telling me to change my ways –

To come into a better light.

I swore to myself that I would

In order to make things right.

And preach these words to others

To help the canyon walls win their fight.

Bridge 2:

Before I had been wasting

So much water and taking

Advantage of our world and

Now I think I’ve got things right




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