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Ciera's Story

My Earth Camp Commitment 

We have spent the last week and a half of our lives learning about, viewing, studying, traveling on, and even falling asleep to the lullaby tune of water. Up until this point, water was been something for me that simply existed. It had always been, would always be. There was an endless supply of it at my fingertips, so why not use it? Now, after having been so close to one of nature’s mighty rivers for what seems like was such a long and surreal period of time, I appreciate and understand this amazing resource at much greater levels. Water is completely and inseparably intertwined with all life and was not meant to be tampered with by humans. There is a limited amount of it, and it is not something that I can carelessly waste. Without usable water, there is no life. Nothing. That is why I have been inspired by Earth Camp to commit myself to water conservation around my home. Just like everything else, all activities that take place in a household depend upon water. Specifically in my case: Recently I have gotten into the habit of taking rather long and luxurious showers. These are unnecessary. I can get perfectly clean by taking a brief navy shower that ends up being just as refreshing. Dishes are also an issue. An excessive amount of water usage before the dishes actually enter the wash is not needed. Scrubbing with a brush and then turning on the tap for a moment is sufficient. I can also use less water for all other day-to-day activities. I have become rather reckless when it comes to leaving on the water for amounts of time. These exercises and any other measures I can take to save water are worth it, for our planet is a unique and precious gift. We have a responsibility to care for its inhabitants: humans, animals, and plants alike. We have a responsibility to be Leaders for  Shared Planet.

Day 1, July 8: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

We’ve all been waiting for months, and today has already come and gone. To tell the truth, I am a bit homesick, but I am confident that this will fade with the excitement and altogether business of the river. Everybody is very nice here, and the age barrier is not as big of a deal as I thought it would be. (This makes me feel better about high school.) Gazing up at the pristine night sky as I am right now makes me feel at peace with the world. Each star twinkles innocently, not knowing what turmoil and tragedies occur beneath it. It is detached from the earth, the one piece of God’s art that humans cannot touch or affect. Sometimes that would seem preferable, to just not know or worry. But that is not why we have come to Earth Camp. We have come to find and embrace this knowledge so we can truly be Leaders for a Shared Planet.

Earth Camp is one of the most amazing programs I have ever been a part of. Dedicated to the inspirational Laurel Clark and created by her parents, it is incredibly meaningful and influential. I was lucky enough to have experienced the Middle School Camp 2007 and the High School Camp 2009. I have seen it impact and change every camper that it comes in contact with. Each person that comes walks away with one, if not many, experiences that will change his or her life forever. Earth Camp has taken me on mountaintops, to lakes, down rivers, to different parts of our beautiful country, and even close to space. It allows students to discover, grow, and mature in - what better place is there than this? - the heart of the wilderness. This camp takes in middle and high school student and produces Leaders for a Shared Planet.

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