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Alex's Story

My commitment

Earth Camp has been a really good impact to my life, it has taught me a lot about what happens to the planet when we don’t use it appropriately and what we need to do to help. We have been using the planet’s water so much that the government has put some dams around the world to help it, but some people don’t think about that, so they just waste water.  That is why my commitment to Earth Camp is to take short showers, adapt a trigger nozzle to the water hose so whenever someone accidently leaves the water hose open, it will not waste water.  Some adults want to have nice lawns or gardens, so they water their plants every day. That is why I will water my plants three times a week to save water.


Thursday day 9

Today was a busy day, we traveled from Utah to Glen Canyon Dam, than to the Grand Canyon,  it was my first time to be in both places, both had water so it reminded me of when we used to go with our guides in the river and the rapids, it was so much fun, but it also makes me think of the water, water makes me think of a resource of life, it is so  important to everything around us, flowers, trees, animals, us, but mostly the way we react to it, a lot of people just use it without thinking that it will always be there for us to use, but it will not if we keep  taking long showers, not turning off the water hose when washing the car, watering the plants every day to have the nicest lawn or garden. This is an important thing to think about cause water is what makes us live and without water there wouldn’t be anything.

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