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Shadow's Story

What I have learned at this camp about water is that only 3% of earth’s water is fresh water, and 0.003% of earths water is drinkable. I will see if my dad will help me set up our washing machine to use our gray water to water our plants. I will get a bucket to catch the water from my showers so we can use it to water a specific plant. I will try to get my mom to buy florescent light bulbs so we can use less energy. My grandma is already using florescent light bulbs in her house. The light bulbs will help save energy for my family. The light bulbs use 75% less energy than normal light bulbs do. The light bulbs will save us a little money. The light bulbs are more expensive than regular ones but they save more energy. At BICAS they reuse bike parts that people throw away. If the bike part is truly broken they put it in the art corner to be used as art. BICAS showed me that we can reuse things that we would usually throw away. Finally I learned that there is no “away.”

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