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Katie's Story

The way that I plan to be a leader for a shared planet is to be a good example for other people, to get them motivated to reuse and recycle everything that they can and to conserve as much as possible. For example reusing dishes, taking hand-me downs without complaining and donating the rejects to goodwill, using canvas bags, and whenever possible to ride bikes to a farmers market.


When I move out I plan on designing my own house using recycled materials and building it with my family and friends and the side walk will be made of “fly ash”, a coalmine waste product, the walls will be made of papercrete , a mix of concrete and paper to reduce the need of commercial concrete,  it will be dome-shaped to eliminate the need for expensive roof materials.


 I will ask to get a grant for solar panels and some water tanks to help me get off the grid, a small energy efficient  air conditioner, and will xeriscape. Inside I will install Fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent, I’ll have cork floors, and efficient shower heads and toilets to reduce  my energy and water intake.

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