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Jackson's Story

At this camp I learned many things about water such as only 3% of the earth’s water is fresh and only 0.003 is potable meaning it is safe to consume. Also in this camp we were asked how can I be a leader for a shared planet, well my answer is convince adults to vote no on the I10 bypass idea by showing what we already have done and telling what the bypass will do to it, it will either cut through Altar valley or the San Pedro valley. Both will destroy the wildlife and natural recourses and will harm turtles and coyotes in particular because they both have to travel and both cross the streets but now with busy semi’s going everywhere the drivers are focused on where they are going not animals crossing the street. So obviously the bypass idea is a huge threat to wildlife and Arizona’s natural beauty. But to tie this into water, all cars leak oil some time so that oil and other pollutants wash away with the water into places where animals live and into riparian areas. The way I can communicate to adults is write a letter to an editor and post comments on websites that talk about the I10 bypass. To post a comment on this topic you go to and find a page in which that discuss this topic and you can either click on discussion or letter to the editor. And to communicate with peers I can tie this in with what we are learning about pollutants in science class with a presentation. The above picture is the san pedro valley taken from Mt. Lemmon.

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