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Iain's Story

I learned that the average American shower head in 5 minute takes enough water that one person in a developing countries uses in a whole day. Since changing one’s whole life style in one day is very difficult, it would be easier to change some of the smaller thing in our individual lives and then start to move on to the more difficult challenges. You would be amazed how much water you can save in the shower by doing the littlest things. First, and easiest, you can change all of the shower heads in your house to a low flow shower head, these shower head us an amazing 2 or 3 gallons per minute less then normal shower. Next, have you ever notice how long it takes for your shower to heat up? All of that clean drinkable is just going down the drain. You can simply put a bucket in the shower while your shower is heating up and then give it to a plant. To help keep you determined; only water one plant with this shower water. Third, this is the hardest but most efficient, take navy showers. In case you don’t know a navy shower is when you get wet in the shower and then turn the shower off put on soap and shampoo and then turn the water back on to rinse off. In fact at the beginning of earth camp I took ten minute showers, but ever since I started this camp every shower I have taken has been a navy shower.

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