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Aaron's Story

At earth camp I learned so many ways to help the earth. I learned so many things about water like ways to reuse it and save it. We learned a lot and it was so fun too I loved earth camp. Some of the things I learned about water was that you can save it by putting a bucket in your shower while it heats up then give it to your plants. A man named Brad taught me and the campers a lot of ways to save water and energy and he does them all.
We went to his house and he showed us every thing he does to help the earth. Instead of using energy he powers his house by solar power energy it was cool. He uses the water from his washing machine to water his plants so he docent even need a water hose. Instead of a washing machine he uses a clothes hanger. I am going to talk to my parents about using a clothes line. It was fun there and I learned a lot.
What I am going to do to be a better leader in this world is plant many native plants in my families yards and neighborhood, with everyone's permission, of course. I will make sure were planting native plants by doing a lot of research.
Another thing I will do is tell everyone how to help earth and not litter at all only throw it in the garbage and recycle it to. I think there should be more camps like earth camp. As you can see there are many ways to help earth.

     At earth camp we do so much fun things. I loved the Mount Lemon camp out, my favorite thing was when we would go on the hikes because I got to explore and see nature up close. I loved when we traced a rain drop from the top of the mountain all the way to the stream of the drop.I liked that we got to go into the water, it was awesome. On our spare time we played pine cone wars all of us would get a pine cone and throw it at each other. 

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