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Paulina's Story

Earth Camp 2008

What is Earth Camp? Well Earth Camp is a great camp that I really enjoyed participating in this summer. I thought it was a great experience, because I learned many new things.
When I went to Brad Lancaster’s house and I saw how he used alternative transportation to travel around town, it inspired me to walk to school.
I want to walk to school every day because I can save up more energy, gas and natural resources. Also because of much energy and gas used by cars has a lot to do with global warming. So it would be very cool if many people from my school joined me and walked to school every day. If I complete my goal then I really hope that the risk we have in global warming will change and reduce the cost in gas and use it when necessary.

When I came to Earth Camp I really thought that I was not going to meet any friends. But I was wrong. I met many kids mostly my age. The kids I kick it with are Alejandra, Estrella, Enrique, Mitchell, Alexis, and Angel. I think that they are really cool and I had a great time with them. I had many other friends like Nathaniel, Sarah, Guillermo, Ian, Jason, Justin, Betty, Zoe, Kevin, Shawn, Robert, Cassidy and Alex. I have a really good time hanging out with everyone in the campouts and fieldtrips!
I also really liked my counselors because they made me feel comfortable in campouts and fieldtrips. Amy was there
when I needed to talk to someone, Sonora - the coolest chick in camp because I really don’t know but I just think that she is really cool! Tyler he is a really cool dude because I laugh at him a lot and we just laugh at mostly everything, and specially when he makes his eyes vibrate, it is the most weirdest thing I had ever seen! Holly is really awesome and when she told us that she got engaged last weekend I really got excited.

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