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Kevin's Story

Everyday I learned something more about water and its importance on Earth, including its properties and interesting facts. I learned how much water there is that we can use, and I was shocked, not only at how little water there is to use, but how much we are wasting everyday. Right away, I feel more strongly about conservation than I ever have. And just as it happens, many around me are very wasteful about energy and water. However, in a game where I was trying to fill a bucket with holes, using sponges to transport water from one bucket to the next, I realized that I can't stop water usage, but I can do a lot of things to lessen water usage. So what I shall do is to inform them of how much they are wasting, and help them to create healthy habits, both conserving energy and filling their needs. For example, if they take very long showers, I will install a timer that helps them keep track of time they spend in the showers, helping them to be more effective when taking showers, using less time and water. I will also inform them of how much energy they could be saving, along with the money they will be saving if they become energy & water efficient. Not only that, I shall recycle my trash as much as possible, to reduce the energy used to create new products. And I will begin with my family, who just happens to fit the bills above. I will look at specific things that were bought for groceries, and look at what comes with a lot of junk, like extra plastic that wasn't needed. I then will tell my family about other products that they could buy with less plastic and possibly cheaper. I will also ask them not to buy bottled water, which is a BIG waste of $ and petroleum. Then I will call the City of Tucson and install a recycle bin in the Apartments that I live in. The moment that is done everyone who lives in those apartments will be able to recycle, so less is wasted. At last I will sort my trash and recycle. That is my plan of action.

The Quail
What I remember most about Earth Camp is the Gambels Quail, who is most energetic and curious. The first time I saw him he was eating a hard-boiled egg like there was no tomorrow. He watched everyone with great curiosity and interest, while bobbing his head up and down. Right away Earth Camp became fun for me, right on the first day. He was energeitc, and he always flew away, onto someone's head when he feels like it. He is in fact, undefeated, and without any doubt, my favorite animal in the Desert Museum. Everyday was filled with tons of fun, and everyday was the best day. Unfortunately, I often see many others trying to kill or chase random animals they see just for fun and wasting their drinking water so that they can refill their bottles. That was the sad part.

The Parrot
        One day a special & gifted parrot was brought to us. He is a special kind of parrot called a Military Macaw. He was one of the favorites of those who had seen him, taken that he was able to talk and do tricks. However, his talking was undeveloped, as the staff wanted others to see him as he was supposed to be without human influence. At the flick of a hand, he raised his legs, then his wing. That amazed the crowd as he ate his reward-a peanut. His jaws and its power is what fascinated me the most, having great strength and accuracy. I wish I could spend more time with him.

Mini-Game Madness
At Earth Camp many minigames were played. They always involved teamwork. One was where teams balanced on beams, and competed to get into a specific order before anyone else. That was somewhat difficult until everyone stepped over everyone else. Many others include transporting water-filled sponges to goal bucket by one person throwing to another, Big Booty- a game where everyone knocks out those in front to become the leader, and leaky tank, where a team transports water by specific tools, yet not touching or spilling the water. Another included making a food web, where everyone was an organism. I had a Mexican Grey Wolf, but I kept trading until my identity was a grape(Grape!!!). That was the most enjoyable game I've experienced in Earth Camp.

Scorpion de doom
One of the first animals I've been presented with happened to be a big fat Scorpion. From the size of his stomach, he had just eaten, days ago. Scorpions, like spiders, are energy efficient, meaning they use energy so slowly that they don't have to eat for weeks at end. He barely moved, making sense of the environment he had been placed in. He stood still, seemed dead, yet I knew that he was eyeing me cautiously. He didn't move, and so not many thought him an item of interest. I, on the other hand, was amazed, and my eyes were on him the whole time, until he has officially left the building.
All work by Earth Camper, multi-subject enthusiast, Chicken Invader player(photo above), and part-programmer, presenting Kevin Lin!! (=.=)

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