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Cassidy's Story

One amazing experience that I had at Earth Camp was the repeat photography excersise.  These photos made me see that the plants are very much affected by our actions.  Because of this experience I am going to use the water that I would waste to water the plants that didn't get water or that need it. I will also conserve more water that the plants or even the animals don't use and use it inside my house or use it somewhere else.

One memory that I will never forget is when I spraned my ankle on a hike we took on Mt. Lemmon. This experience really showed how much we care for each other because when it happened everyone stopped and made sure I had a way to get back safe before they were all told to catch up with the group.  Everyone tried to do something to help, but everyone supported me by telling me it would be all right.  Everyone cared about what had happened and made sure I was okay.  And that was the best memory of Earth camp.

The most fun experience at Earth Camp for me was the saguaro fruit harvesting.  It was so much fun.  It was even more funny when the fruit that took so long to get down was either empty or fell strait into a big cactus.  If my group tried to count the stickers, prickers, and jumping cholla that we got on us we would have gotten very dizzy.  But our teachers said that if you didn't get poked you didn't get the full experience, so we definetly got the full experience.

One of the coolest things that we did was when we visited Brad Lancaster's house.  I thought that him using no electricity at all was one of the best things that you could do for the environment.  He also had no car.  I thought that that would be really hard to do but when he showed us all the outdoor things that he has to use I thought that maybe it wouldn't be that bad to do. I admire all he is doing for the envirnoment.

One thing that we did at Earth Camp was that we had lots of different live animal showings.  They showed a wide variety of animals from reptiles and amphibians to birds and mammals.  All of the presentations were very interesting because they all were about a certain type of animal such as endangered, and they had birds, amphibians, reptiles and even mammals.  This showed us that in some way all animals are connected in some way to one another

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