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Alex_V's Story

The moment during Earth Camp that inspired me the most was the trip up Mount Lemmon. The invasive species were present in overwhelming numbers. These plants fuel wildfires, like the Aspen fire, that burn down native plants that aren’t used to fires of that intensity or that length. Some of these invasive species were Bufflegrass, Bermuda Grass, and Johnson Grass. Human Influence on Mount Lemmon such as Summerhaven are evident. The roads leading to and from mount Lemon contribute to the change of Mt. Lemmon over time. Without the roads leading to Mt. Lemmon Summerhaven wouldn’t have been built. Although Summerhaven is a very nice community, it is a human centered community. Therefore, this community has probably introduced non-native plants and grasses. It would be best for the environment if we could get rid of as much of these invasive species as possible. Two ways you can help the environment is to donate money to the plant a Billion trees foundation. For a dollar they will plant a tree in the Atlantic forest. This will help to relive the rate of deforestation of the Atlantic forest. A Tucson based organization is called Weed Whackers, they take out invasive species.

    I’m going to contribute to the environment by asking for donations in order to help replant the Atlantic Forest. Only 7% of the Atlantic forest remains. The website plants a tree for you for the fee of $1 a tree. I am going to follow through my plan by  attending a Ward III meeting and talking about my Earth Camp Experience and how I am asking for donations. Then I am going to post flyers from their site on telephone posts. My goal is to help plant 20 trees! Please help by visiting the link above.


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