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Andrew's Story

During our 10 day Earth Camp, a lot of things were discussed, we learned about our environment and about human impact on the planet. We looked at waste production. Recycling and compared the statistics of America with other countries. Earth camp was a wonderful experience. One of the days we went to the dump we saw all of the trash from one morning we went at 9:00 o’clock in the morning and the amount of trash already there was astounding, and we also saw all the refrigerators from one week, there were over 50 refrigerators, plus a huge pile of scrap metal and other appliances. It was shocking to see how much was thrown away, and how wasteful we are. I want to do my part to reduce the amount of trash we produce and how wasteful we are. I am going to use the 3R life style recycle, reuse, reduce.

Another great thing about camp is the pranks. And I am going to tell you about the prank the guys pulled on the girls in San Carlos, Mexico on the last night. I won't even bother to tell you about the prank they pulled since ours totally blew theirs out of the water. My roommate and I recruited one of the girls and 2 of the female staff several days prior to the actual night. We were actually on our way to San Carlos, when one of the girls, offered to help us prank the rest of the girls. We then approached Amy, (one of the staff) and asked her for her help and her consent. We practically forgot all about the plans till the last night in San Carlos.

After a long day of activities, we meet with Katie and had a planning meeting, in which we came up with the ultimate plan. So the plan was to turn off all the girl's AC units and then steal the batteries to the remotes, so that their rooms would be so hot that they would open their windows which happened to be on the first floor. Later that evening after all the rooms had been sabotaged. We were hanging out in the rooms scoping them out for later. We were delighted at the temperature, it was baking hot it the rooms and all of the windows lay wide open like a welcome mat. After lights out, we got all the guys together and told them the plan, and worked out the logistics of the prank. At about 11 we went to sleep, while Laurence stayed up to wake us all at 12:15AM. We quietly snuck outside down the stairs and out on to the beach were the girls windows were. Our plan was this, to have one person sneak in, grab their luggage hand it out the window etc. The first two rooms went of with out a hitch, but as I quietly entered the third and final room, one of the girls, Kayla, who had been sleeping the entire day, sat up just as I was beginning to feel around for the luggage and said "what the **** are you doing" heart pounding I calmly walked to the bathroom, hoping she thought I was her roommate. I then immediately hopped in the shower and waited… she hopped out of bed flicked on the lights and inspected the bathroom and the hall out side the room, then went and closed the window and told her roommate "someone just came through the window, walked right through and left" I thought, "that's what she thinks lol but im stuck in the shower" "I think it was one of the guys, I think it was Andrew cause he was tall and skinny…" She continued. Then turned out the lights and went to bed. Remaining quietly in the shower, waiting for my vision to adjust, as I contemplated my situation I began thinking to my self  "Oh great I'm here in the girls shower, with the door and the window closed, now what." Once I regained my night vision I then began to feel my way to the door, I felt quietly for the door handle, opened it and burst into the hall like a bullet, shot down the hall out on to the beach, not knowing if she was following me. After waiting one short second I calmly proceeded back to my room. Where I retold what had unfolded since the window had been shut and they had run back to there rooms to avoid being caught.

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