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Tyler B's Story

My most memorable experience  would be at the Desert Museum, where we recycle all of our scraps. This year I learned that if I was to start recycling scraps of food or materials I could collect more then a thousand pounds of recycling. I also learned that more and more people have now noticed that Tucson is in a drought, so most people are trying to be water efficient. They do that by switching to water efficient appliances, and collecting rainwater to use for watering trees and gardens. Now I'm going to advise my family to try this things out. I will also try this ideas out and maybe everybody will like it, and do it for themselves. My family would use the scraps for a compost pile. We would also recycle man-made materals.


  After this camp I learned how important the living organisms are to this biosphere. I learned that one species was to go suddenly extinct, that all the others will become extinct also, because of that one species going extinct.  Now I know not to kill animals for fun, “not that I would anyway” I also know not to go off-roading.  I also am going to make a change on the water usage at my home. I will also try to setup a program at our community that show how to conserve water.  Now that I know what off-roading does, I will try my best to stop new trails from being built.

I would have to say this was the most enjoyable camp I have ever been to. I have also learned a lot of cool things. This camp is about teamwork: our counselors teach us this most important idea at this camp. I would have to say that everybody should at least try to be in this program once. I also think people would want to continue this program. This program is so great that the state should donate money for the Mexican Wolf Restoration Project to help them from becomeing extinct.

  The campouts definitely were the best part of camp. At the Desert Museum property, near the Saguaro National Park, we harvested saguaro fruit, made syrup and ate the fruit. The second week, we also got to ride the ski lift at Mount Lemmon, and take core samples of the trees. We are also going to look thru the telescopes at Kitt Peak, we are going to look at the stars and planets.    

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