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Gerardo's Story

One of the most inflectional experiences I had during Earth Camp was probably when we all went to our second campout up on Mount Lemmon because I learned that bears have a stronger sense of smell than humans, and that they can smell any type of thing that has a scent from toothpaste to even deodorant, and because of that we all had to place anything that had a type of scent in a "bear box", which was a metal box that would keep bears from getting inside. We had to do this because if we would've left our stuff that had a scent in our tent we would have been attacked by a bear because it had tracked the scent and had sought it out.  Because of this experience I will take my family camping and teach them the safety rules of what kinds of things to put in the bear box.

One of the most influent ional experiences I had during Earth Camp was when one of the camp counselors talked about the environment that desert animals live in. she said that in order for animals to survive they must live in a habitable environment, and that is why I have decided to make a change in my life to better live in harmony with the natural world I will convince my parents to get a recycling bin to place recyclable items in.

On the first day of Earth Camp we had our first campout which was at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. We went saguaro harvesting and I learned that to pick the fruit you have to work as a team because one person can not do all the work by themselves.

on the fourth day of earth camp a defender of wildlife person who's name was Craig Miller talked to us about how jaguars are an endangded species and how they are being killed. Also he talked to us about mexican wolves and how they are an endangered species.

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