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Buffelgrass Survey Map

Please read the instructions prior to editing the map.

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

Mapping on your computer:

For Presence/Absence

For Specific Points, Lines or Polygons

When done Editing, Click "Legend" to turn off editor

Types of Features that can be collected:

Presence/Absence: 4 designations can be selected

Points, Lines and Polygons: can be added to the map for more specific mapping than just presence of absence

For each point line or polygon 3 designations can be made

Mapping on your phone:

Installing App and Map:

From your appstore, search for and download and install: ArcGIS







Once installed, Open the App

From the search function in the app, search for "Mobile - Buffelgrass Survey Map" and download.

Mapping on your phone:

*Note each phone platform is slightly different

For Presence/Absence

Note on the phone map, the map has to be zoomed in past 1:10,000 scale for the updatable layer to show up.

For Specific Points, Lines or Polygons

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