Venomous Critters of the Southwest

Cover: Venomous Critters of the Southwest

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by Craig Ivanyi and Renee Lizotte

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ISBN: 1-886679-25-8
Laminated, full color throughout
Folds to 3.25 x 6 inches


Rattlesnake, coralsnake, scorpion, and spider! The mere mention of these words sends most of us running for cover. In truth, these creatures don't present any great danger, as long as we know who they are, how they behave in nature, and what we should do to avoid unwanted encounters. It's all here, in a format that will fit easily in your shirt pocket or daypack.

In this colorful guide you'll learn to identify a wide range of biting and stinging critters, from rattlesnakes and Gila monsters, to brown spiders and scorpions. Each entry includes a quick method of identifying the animal, a little bit about its range and habitat, and a fascinating fact or two about its life. You'll also learn about some creatures that many of us think are venomous but are not, and some animals that try to appear venomous (through coloration or behavior) but are actually quite harmless.

This handy guide is perfect for hikers, visitors to the Southwest, and anyone else who is fearful of or fascinated with these intriguing creatures.

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