Earth Day Poetry Winners: 2022


1st Place (tied): James Sanchez, Scorpion
1st Place (tied): Maddie Klein, Jackrabbits and Coyote
2nd Place (tied): Colette Rosoff, The Beautiful Desert
2nd Place (tied): Vianna Walker, Roadrunner
3rd Place: Layla Velasquez, Coyote
HM: Liam Newsome, Lizard
HM: Prairie Karwoski, Bobcat
HM: Brynn Kinser-Traut, The Desert
HM: Everett Jablonski, Coyote
HM: Beckett Reisdorf, Wild Cat
HM: Kyle Baltrus, The Wild
HM: Claire Crosby, Saguaros

Grade 1

1st Place: Luca Lamm Eckstein, The Desert at Night
2nd Place (tied): Augusta Meadows, The Desert
2nd Place (tied): Klayton Maskey, Gila Monster
3rd Place: Bella Meza, The Desert Night
HM: Davi Munafo, The Desert
HM: Aiden Tilton, Rattlesnake
HM: Levi Vero Gage, The Coyote and the Javelina
HM: Christian Stockel, Rattlesnake
HM: Zelda Rodriguez, Desert, Highland Free School
HM: Carter Mosier, A Hummingbird at Sunset
HM: Gwen Ochoa, The Coyote
HM: Ani Morgan, Gila Monster
HM: Charlotte Robbins, Sonoran Desert
HM: Evangeline Lollar, Desert Life
HM: Liam Weidinger, Arizona

Grade 2

1st Place (tied) (Overall Winner Gr. K-3): Gabby Mendez, The Dancing Saguaro
1st Place (tied): Hayden Baltrus, Desert Days
2nd Place: Maya Garcia, Desert Night
3rd Place (tied): Jorge Velasco, El Desierto es mi Madre/The Desert is my Mother
3rd Place (tied): HM: Emily Osborne, The Desert is Hot and Sandy
3rd Place (tied): Stella Howard, Sunrise, Sunset
HM: Averie Mis-Leemon, Sonoran Desert
HM: Ellie Frey, Desert Night
HM: Elizeo Calderon, El Desierto es mi Madre/The Desert is my Mother
HM: Spencer Carrillo, The Lizard’s Pattern
HM: Harriet Nelson, Sonoran Desert
HM: Denali Gonzalez, Sonoran Desert
HM: Callie Cass, The Desert
HM: Caledon Hawks, In The Desert
HM: Aiden Kinser Traut, Desert

Grade 3

1st Place (tied): Zahra Rafiyath, The Night Noises
1st Place (tied): Tegan Kwan-Daley, Cougar Mom
1st Place (tied): Mica Owens, At Sabino Creek
2nd Place: Elise Rooney, Cactus
3rd Place: Kevell Chester, The Desert Playground
HM: Aurelio Felix, Monsoon
HM: Allegra Lewis, Dry Skies
HM: Lilly Celaya, Mountaintops
HM: Taryn Payne, The Desert, Richardson Elementary
HM: Claire Knight, Sunset
HM: Ishara Williams, The animals
HM: Addison Weber, untitled
HM: Lexi Hewitt, Desert
HM: Amelia Doke, Desert Life
HM: Lia C.B. Lopez, The Sonoran Desert Animals
HM: Jonpaul McClellan, Desert Cactus

Grade 4

1st Place: Jayden Grabowski, Desert Poem
2nd Place: Kenzie Maskey, Quail Family
3rd Place: Ramsey Hardin, An Ode to a Prickly Pear
HM: Dalia Kashanipour, Ode to a Prickly Pear
HM: Esme Munafo, The Den
HM: Victoria Darling, Desert Rain
HM: Marjorie Mendez, Barn owl
HM: Sophia Clarke, My Home
HM: Myka Mirock, Diamondback Rattlesnake
HM: Elliott Spaulding, The Harris Hawk
HM: Anthony Flowers, untitled
HM: Logan Booth, Desert Sunset
HM: Julia Humphreys, the desert
HM: Connor Edwards, The Bald Eagle Strikes

Grade 5

1st Place: Max Ringer, Sonaran Sentry
2nd Place: Jaime de la Rosa, The Lone Coyote
3rd Place: Harper Cochran, Ode to an Acacia Tree
HM: Christian Ordaz, Cactus
HM: Lynneah Maskey, Monsoon is in the Air
HM: Juliet Spaulding, Exploring the Sonoran Desert
HM: Baylee Crater, Desert Life
HM: Elfadhar Ngabo Ganza, Desert Life
HM: Julian Barrera, Winter Wonderland
HM: Ryer Dixon, Sonoran Snow
HM: Emma Hough, Coyote
HM: Laura Weinzinger, Sonoran Sun Fall
HM: Jack Ashkenazi, The Desert
HM: Ronan Lewis, Cacti
HM: Dylan Moffet, Nightime

Grade 6

1st Place (tied) (Overall Winner Gr. 4-6): Elizabeth Carroll, A Beautiful Place
1st Place (tied): Joey Huth, Coyotes
2nd Place (tied): Alice Juma, Survive
2nd Place (tied): Elizabeth Carroll, The Shifting Sands
3rd Place: Olivia Dunaway, Enchanted Desert
HM: Noa Turk, Caterpillar Haiku
HM: Ezra Green, Cactus
HM: Oliver Armenta, untitled
HM: Bella Hernandez, Rain
HM: Ashley Heredia, Windy Desert
HM: Emily Decker, untitled
HM: Tyler Quesada, Desert

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