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Pick 4 Games Sonoran Survey Says — Name the most popular responses to sonoran desert survey questions!
Packrat Scavenger Hunt — Forage like a packrat in your own home and show off your treasures!
Silly Animal Moves — Get ready to shake your tail feather with awesome animal-inspired exercises!
Two Truths and a Lie — Put on your detective hat to figure out which animal and plant facts are false!
Zoom In — Can you figure out who these feathers, scales, and fur belong to?
Frankenstein’s Drawing Lab — Use your imagination to create new creatures!
Sonoran Storytime — An interactive storytime that will have you howling with laughter!
Optional Add-Ons Personalized Video with an Animal ($25)
Live Animal Presentation ($150)
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“We booked a MuZoom for our granddaughter’s birthday. It was a home-run experience! She loved it, and the porcupine was terribly cute!”
-Bobby Present