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The 25th Annual Desert Museum Gala - Anniversaries in Bloom, celebrating treasured legacies and a flourishing future

Meet Ida Zigglebaum!

The baby ocelot kitten at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum has been named!

The anonymous donors who purchased the ocelot naming opportunity chose the name “Ida Zigglebaum” in memory of a family member who jokingly used the name when she worked with the Red Cross in Europe during WWII.

Because Ida Zigglebaum is a member of the AZA ocelot breeding program, she will not be on display to the public at this point in time, and could one day be transferred to another location to continue participating in the breeding program to repopulate this beautiful species. Let’s all welcome Ida to the family!

Ida as a newborn, and as a kitten

For additional information contact Dave Eshbaugh, Director of Philanthropy, 520-883-3039,
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