Tortoise Adoption Program

Appendix I: Checklist for Desert Tortoise Habitat: Adults and Juveniles

Care, Husbandry and Diet of the Desert Tortoise

  1. Enclosure of proper size: adult requires 120 sq. feet minimum; juvenile less.
  2. Perimeter fencing is a minimum of 18" high and buried in ground at least 8". If fencing is wire or netting, an internal overhang of approximately 3" is required so the tortoise cannot climb out.
  3. Enclosure has sun and shade available throughout the day.
  4. Burrow above ground, allowing water to drain away. Contains a least 8" of soil on top and sides for insulation. See Appendix IV.
  5. No access to pool or pond.
  6. No access to toxic plants. (See diet section)
  7. Bermuda grass, native grasses and/or wildflowers available for food.
  8. Water available.
  9. No chemical treatment in area.

You can contact the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum's Tortoise Adoption Program at 520-883-3062.

Desert Tortoise in Habitat
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