Desert Tortoise Adoption Program - The Authors

This pamphlet was originally written by James L. Jarchow, D.V.M. and Howard E. Lawler. Dr. Jarchow is the consulting veterinarian for reptiles and amphibians at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. He is an internationally-recognized authority in wildlife veterinary medicine and a specialist in desert tortoise health management who has conducted numerous field and clinical studies of North American tortoises.

Dr. Jarchow can be contacted at (520) 877-2626. Mr. Lawler was Curator of Herpetology and Ichthyology at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum from 1981-1996. Since its publication in 1994, this pamphlet was revised by Craig S. Ivanyi, Executive Director, and Cynthia Wicker, for the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

This pamphlet is dedicated to the memory of Ms. Betty Vance who served as the Coordinator for the TAP for many years. Through her love of tortoises and tireless efforts this program was made possible.

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