Cerro Caguama Succulents Image Gallery

Mark Dimmitt, principal photographer. Click on each photo to enlarge.

Part of the survey team searches for succulents on Cerro Caguama. This small hill is an outlier of the 6000-foot Volcán Las Tres Vírgenes (background).

Cerro Caguama had fewer succulent species than C. Colorado, but there were some different ones including the three below.

Cylindropuntia lindsayi is very similar to C. leptocaulis. This species was not found on Cerro Colorado.

Two unrelated "elephant trees" demonstrate convergent evolution. Pachycormus discolor (Anacardiaceae, left) responds to winter rains, while Bursera microphylla (Burseraceae) grows after summer rains. They were both caught in leaf here at the change of seasons (November). Pachycormus was not found on C. Colorado.

Peniocereus striatus is very difficult to find when not in flower or fruit (insets).


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