Cerro Colorado Succulents Image Gallery

Mark Dimmitt, principal photographer. Click on each photo to enlarge.

A cluster of three species of succulents at the base of Cerro Colorado (Agave cerulata, Ferocactus hybrid, and Grusonia invicta).

Asclepias albicans (giant cane milkweed) is usually 8-10 ft tall (inset), but on Cerro Colorado is only 2-3 ft. It can be distinguished from A. subulata by its different flowers.

Asclepias subulata (leafless desert milkweed) is seldom more than 3 ft tall anywhere in its range.

Cochemiea poselgeri is common in southern Baja California. The Cerro Colorado site is 100 miles north of its previously known range.

Cochemiea setispina is restricted to a few localities near the gulf coast. Cerro Colorado is far inland of its usual habitat.

Cucurbita cordata is a root succulent; vines grow from a large underground tuberous root. This plant is sprouting and flowering on its stored water after a year with no rain. The soil was dust-dry.

Dudleya albiflora is locally common among rocks

Echinocereus brandegeei is common in the southern half of the peninsula. There are numerous growth forms and spine shapes and colors. It is near the northern limit of its distribution on Cerro Colorado.

Euphorbia xantii is widespread in Baja California. The stems are barely succulent. This is an unusually large specimen.

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