Ferruginous Hawk — Species Information

Ferruginous Hawk by Ned Harris
Ferruginous Hawk - © Ned Harris

Ferruginous hawks have very small feet in comparison to the size of their body. This aids them in hunting burrowing mammals; they make a 'fist' and punch it into the dirt of a burrow, and pull out the animal. Ferruginous hawks are unusual among birds of prey for being very comfortable on the ground. They are some of the only raptors that will nest on the ground.

Fun Facts!

The largest hawk found in North America

Ferruginous hawks migrate south to Arizona in the fall

Hunts primarily rodent prey, especially prairie dogs

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“The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, just west of Tucson, is home to one of the most spectacular and accessible avian demonstrations in the U.S.”