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Scientific Name
Ursus americanus
Spanish Name
Oso negro
Black bears are the smallest of the three bear species found in North America. Adult male black bears (boars) are four to six feet in length and weigh up to 600 pounds (highest recorded weight: 902 lbs.) Adult females (sows) are the same length but weigh 90 to 175 pounds (highest recorded weight: 520 lbs.)
Birth Weight
7 - 11 oz.
Litter Size
One to five cubs, though the average is two
Black bears can only be found in North America, from Canada to Mexico. The most widely dispersed bear in North America, they live in 40 US states
Solitary animals, black bears roam an area of 15 - 100 square miles
Forested areas, arid or moist
They live both in trees and on the ground and are nocturnal. They can run 30mph at short distances
They are omnivores subsisting on acorns, pine/fir seeds, berries, honey, and occasionally carrion & small rodents
Approximately 750,000
Considered a “master dozer” among bear species, the black bear hibernates for 100 days during which time cubs are born
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