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Supplement for Family Go Guide

3-D Nature Scene
(a supplemental activity from the Family Go Guide!)

Create a three dimensional nature scene in a clear plastic food container by creating a background, middle ground, and foreground. The foreground is glued to the inside front of the container. The middle scene is suspended at the center, and the background is glued to the inside back.

Materials: clear plastic snap-shut food container (common grocery store food container used for sandwiches, salads, pastries, etc.)

  1. Decide on a scene. Examples: a reptile, bird, or mammal in its habitat, an underwater scene of pond life, a butterfly hovering over a flower, or a general desert scene with plants and animals in the foreground and mountains and sky in the background.
  2. Research your subject to learn its habitat, the time of day it is most active, and any other interesting facts that would help you create a realistic scene.
  3. The three parts of the scene may be painted or drawn, or cut from nature magazines.
  4. Create the background and glue it onto the inside back of the container, with the scene visible through the front of the container.
  5. Create the middle ground scene (such as cutouts of plants and animals) and suspend them from the top of the container so they are visible through the front of the container.
  6. Create the foreground and glue to the inside front of the container so they are visible through the front of the container.
  7. Make a hole through the rim of the plastic with a paper punch. Tie a string through the hole and suspend your 3-D work of art from the string. Note: If the plastic is too hard for a paper punch you can melt a hole. Grasp a nail with pliers and heat the tip over a candle flame. Poke the nail tip through the plastic rim. Only adults should use this method.

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