Center for Sonoran Desert Studies

Research and Conservation in Southern Sonora, Mexico

Tillandsia erubescens (flor de encino)
syn. T. benthamiana Klotsch ex Baker

Rosettes of soft, twisted, silvery-gray leaves. The plants typically grow sideways or hang downwards. The inflorescences are pendulous with green (occasionally pink) bracts and chartreuse flowers in spring and early summer. Usually found on oak trees in humid microclimates.

Tillandsia erubescens in oak tree on the Río Maycoba at the Mex 16 crossing, Sonora. Photo: Mark Dimmitt

Inflorescence of T. erubescens from southern Sonora. Photo: Mark Dimmitt

This is an atmospheric epiphyte from higher elevations than other members of the genus in Sonora. It is found in oak woodland and pine-oak forest. The epithet name erubescens means "becoming red". The species ranges south to Oaxaca, where it does indeed have pink bracts as well as lavender flowers. See T. caput-medusae page for a discussion of loss of color in the north.


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