Community Programs

Senior Citizens pet a snake and a ringtail

All programs feature live desert animals

Seasons of the Saguaro: An Introduction to the Sonoran Desert
Why is there a desert here? How have plants, animals and people adapted to these arid lands? Using the iconic saguaro as a focal point, this slide show/lecture/animal demonstration will introduce you to the important features that define the Sonoran Desert, strategies that animals and plants use to thrive here, and the seasonal cycles that make our Desert unique in the world!

Meet the Neighbors: Living with Desert Wildlife
As a Sonoran Desert dweller, you have the "privilege" of living in close proximity to many plants and animals that may be unfamiliar or even scary to you. This presentation will teach you about the living habits and ecological roles of tarantulas, snakes, bats, bobcats, coyotes, raptors and more. We'll dispel some myths and offer practical guidance for how to accentuate the positive and minimize the negative encounters with your neighbors.

Hawks to Hummingbirds: Birds of the Sonoran Desert
Southern Arizona is a magnet for birders from around the world. Find out why this area is home to such a great diversity of birds, learn about some of the birds you're likely to see in Southern Arizona, and some good places to see rarer birds. Meet live birds from throughout the Sonoran Desert Region and find out about the many jobs birds do in our local environment, and how they are each uniquely adapted to do them.

Plant & Animal Partners:
Investigate pollination and seed dispersal to discover how plants and animals depend upon each other. Learn about the special adaptations of hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators that help them gather nectar from specific flowers. Participants will meet live animals that help plants or are helped by plants.

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